Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chairman and Three Directors from Yahoo Step Down

Yahoo! Inc. has been experiencing a plethora of changes recently. First beginning with CEO Carol Bartz being removed as CEO and replaced with Mr. Scott Thompson. And now, three directors from Yahoo's Board of Directors are stepping down. In addition, the Chairman, Mr. Roy Bostock has also stepped down.

Former Chairman of the Board, Roy Bostock stepped
down along with two other directors.
Image Source: AP
What do the new changes mean for Yahoo? With Google continuously applying pressure to Yahoo's search engine, and a failure of the Bing contract with Microsoft, Yahoo is in need of dire change. Perhaps this change will not only please stockholders, but may introduce inherent changes to the company's technological direction and focus.

Only time will tell—over at Yahoo however, time is something far from perpetual—which gives further reason to the changes to the Board of Directors.